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Grisko, Michael: Martin Luther in Erfurt and Eisenach

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Michael Grisko
Martin Luther in Erfurt and Eisenach
Stationen, volume 20

72 p., Pb., 112 x 186 mm, b/w- and color illustrations
ISBN 978-3-945424-36-0

released: may 2018
In the footsteps of the Reformer

Erfurt and Eisenach have had a strong influence on Martin Luther. School, university, his confession to the church evoked by the lightning strike at Stotternheim near Erfurt, his entering into the Augustinian order, and finally the German translation of the Bible during his 100-day-long stay on the Wartburg, mark central stations in his life. They are the starting point for his church and society reforms at the beginning of the modern era taking effect to this day.

Dr. Michael Grisko, born in 1971, after working at the University of Kassel, 3sat Kulturzeit/ Second German Television Channel (ZDF) and the Buddenbrook House in Lübeck, since 2010 at the Sparkassen-Kulturstiftung Hessen-Thüringen. Numerous publications on literature and media history.